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gaijin SELLS IT ALL!!!

Postby gaijin » Sat Sep 05, 2015 12:01 pm


Due to various reasons (one of which being the fact that a question regarding cards which gave this game its name has now not been answered for about 10 months), I'm quiting L5R as an active player after over 13 years (most of this time known here as 'f' on the old boards)

I have a collection of IvE legal, including many top chase rares, which I'd like to sell to someone in need ;D Being a Crane player, I have plenty of cards which Crane players might find useful.

Below is the list of rares and promos. Ideally, I'd like to sell it all as one lot, but splitting it into a few batches will also be an option. If you're interested, send me an offer.

Additionally, I have playsets of C and U from IvE, TCS, ALiTS, TNO, as well as plenty of tokens from those expansions. Lastly, I have a considerable amount of koku (most of which is in AEG's koku bank) which I'll be also willing to sell.

One more thing: I'm based in Poland but will be happy to ship worldwide.


Doji Makoto exp FOIL

Ancestral Armor of the Crane Clan exp FOIL
3x Deadly Bisento

3x Bisento-do

Delicate Forge
Lane of Immorality
Remote Temple

Hida O-Win
Mirumoto Touya
Togashi Gozato
Akodo Raikitsu
Kitsu Suzaki
Isawa Nomura
Bayushi Aggushi&Bayushi Janqu
Yogo Chijin
2x Daigotsu Takahide 1x FOIL
Iweko Miaka
The Abbot
Moto Nergui FOIL

Trained Horsemen
Trained Swordsmen
Unliving Legion

Tessen of the Tsunami Legion FOIL

Grasp the Mind
Final Ruin

2x A New Alliance
2x Emerald Ascension 1x FOIL
Obsidian Ascension
Overwhelming Offense
Priestly Feud FOIL
The Soul of Man
Undermining the Otomo
Unforseen Cost FOIL


practically all premium card senseis

The Samurai Caste Divides
The Serpent War

3x Coastal Lane
2x House of Floating Petals (1x FOIL)

2x Ensorcelled Longsword
2x Staff of the Raja's Court 1x FOIL

Spider Elite Sohei

Tamori Wataru
Togashi Shao
Isawa Orinoko
Susumu Jaru
Harukaze the Confidant
2x Oboro the Liar (1x FOIL)

See the Soul's Past
Suspending Wind

A Kensai's Victory
3x Benefits of Honor (1x FOIL)
Beset from All Sides
Casting Aside Honor
3x Diplomacy Breaks Down
Long Term Fruition
2x Progressive
2x Spirited Dispute
2x Serenity
3x Strength Remains

2x Traditionalist (1x FOIL)


The Blessing

2x Kuni Shinoda exp2
2x Akodo Iketsu
Kitsuki Kira
2x Tsuruchi Yashiro exp
2x Isawa Kaname exp
2x Zenathaar
Utaku Saiken
Ide Kosaka

2x Traveling Ronin exp

2x Sinful Dreams

2x Aramasu's Mask
2x Bo of Ritual Blessings
2x Sohei's Ono

A Growing Rift
3x Inspired Leadership
2x Punishing Blow
3x Relocating the Court
3x Strength in Subtlety 1x S:HoD
2x Victory Through Deference 1x FOIL
3x Way of the Crane
3x Way of the Dragon

Way of the Mantis
2x Way of the Spider
Way of the Unicorn


A Time for Action
Severed from the Emperor

2x Famous Bazaar
Jiramu's Court
Merchant Atoll
3x Shrine to Hachiman 1x FOIL
2x Secluded Outpost
Small-Time Bully

Mirumoto Yasushi
Mirumoto Hikuryo
Togashi Ogure
Tsuruchi Natsuki
Isawa Hibana
Shiba Tsukimi
Hatsu Suru no Oni
Bayushi Toshimo
Suikotsu FOIL
Moto Alagh
Utaku Hyo-Yeon
Utaku Izimi

Ancestral Armor of the Crane Clan exp
Record of Failure
Regal Furisode
Tsuruchi Longbow

Baraunghar Scouts
Legion of Toshigoku
Oriole Imperial Vanguard
Watch Commander

A Champion's Strike
Alligned with the Elements
Determined Challenge
Defensive Grill
3x Favors
2x Focus
3x Inexplicable Challenge
Journey's End
Men of Cunning
Open Emotion
Palm Strike FOIL
3x Sanctioned Duel 1x FOIL
3x Sudden Movement 1x FOIL
Unwelcome Supervision
Versatile Army
Wheels Within Wheels

Ward of Air

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