Asahina Takamori (Crane Character)

Masters of the Court spotlights the Crane Clan’s skilled Duelists, their well-spoken Courtiers, and their ability to lock down their opponents with powerful conflict cards.
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Kakita Shiro
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Asahina Takamori (Crane Character)

Postby Kakita Shiro » Wed Jan 09, 2019 10:08 am

Bushi. Artisan. Duelist. Magistrate. Hatamoto.

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Kakita Ijiwaru
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Re: Asahina Takamori (Crane Character)

Postby Kakita Ijiwaru » Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:40 pm

Fantastic artwork. Very Asahina ability, loving the pacifism.

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Kakita Toroda
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Re: Asahina Takamori (Crane Character)

Postby Kakita Toroda » Fri Jan 11, 2019 6:11 am

I am a bit on the fence about that card. It takes the crane theme of understatted controlpeaces to the extreme. It will never be good at winning a conquest game, so it has only a place in a still hypothetical honor strat. It can sure be strong against tall decks but it fails against wide decks. I don't know, it seems too narrow in its use to be realy good, but i may be very wrong.
But i cannot wait to test it.

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Re: Asahina Takamori (Crane Character)

Postby Masashigi » Sun Jan 05, 2020 7:18 am

Pre Worlds 2019- Takamori was everywhere, shutting down your opponent every turn, making them angry, saying how broke he was, it was more crane NPE garbage, and a bunch of other incorrect bs.

Post Worlds 2019- Takamori should be on Unsolved Mysteries as he has disappeared and no one knows who took him, I suspect it was the Unicorn personally.

The truth is Takamori is insanely powerful, even with the amount of movement in the game, locking a character out of attacking or defending with out using another card to get them there is huge, but he suffers against wide boards, as locking 1 character out isn't that bad. He also does require you to warp you deck building to make sure you can trigger him each turn he is out. He is a 0/0 for 4 fate, but he has Courtier and Shugenja which are both good for us. He has left decks for now, and will return as the meta shifts again, he was never broken and he isn't binder fodder, he is a good card that needs a deck and an environment to shine in, which is the same for about 90% of the cards in the entire game.

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