[Trading] CE/EE for CE/EE? Updated with List

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[Trading] CE/EE for CE/EE? Updated with List

Postby DOJI-TRON 5000 » Tue Sep 15, 2015 11:09 am

My friend and I got out mid-Emperor due to the blinding speed and NPE that led to so many bannings. Since then we've been playing various LCGs. About six months ago in a fit of nostalgia we created our own custom L5R format using only CE/EE but abiding by Ivory rules.

While my collection was nothing to sneeze at... I am missing a few key rares for decks I want to try.

Is anyone interested in trading? I will post a list tomorrow. I'm mostly just going to list Fate cards and Holdings. If there are peeps you're looking for just PM me.
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Re: [Trading] CE/EE for CE/EE?

Postby DOJI-TRON 5000 » Tue Sep 15, 2015 11:11 am

I was not around when the forums changed over. I went by both my current name and Kakita Joe and had over 400 posts.
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Re: [Trading] CE/EE for CE/EE?

Postby Asahina Dreamspoiler » Wed Sep 16, 2015 3:49 pm

On Facebook, there is an L5R Completionist group who are basically sending extras to whomever so we can fill holes in sets. I would definitely post there also to increase your odds of filling in missing cards.
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Re: [Trading] CE/EE for CE/EE?

Postby DOJI-TRON 5000 » Fri Sep 18, 2015 8:35 pm

I have a lot of positive feedback as a seller on ebay as leftyjoe74 and I did a number of trades here a couple years ago. However since my feedback probably didn't make the forum transition, I'm willing to send first. Feel free to post here or PM. Thanks for looking! PS I have a bunch of rare personalities (too many to list). Just ask about whoever you're looking for.

Here's what I'm looking to trade for

1X Moshi Madoka XP
2x Suzume Shindo, the Final Blade
1x Akodo Dairuko (regular ee version)

3x Eye of the Sword (highest priority - will trade really well for these)
2x Reckless Duel
5x Deathly Aura
3x Sneak Attack
3x Superior Mobility
4x Insight
6x Obfuscation
3x Sudden Movement
2x Precision
2x Dangerous Reconnaissance
3x Proper Deference
3x Only Actions Speak

3x The Daidoji Marketplace
2x Traveling Peddler
3x Seaside Bazaar
6x Wooden Barricade
4x 2x Sheltered Port

1x Tsuruchi's Legacy
2x Rekai's Yumi
2x Awakened Blade
1x Fifth Wind Cavalry
1x De Bellis Yoditorium


This is what I have to trade.

2x Belly of Fudo
1x Chugo Seido
2x Deeds and Words
4x Expendable Resources
3x Governor's Court
3x Hachi's Revenge
2x Head of Fudo
2x Limbs of Fudo
3x Moneylender
1x Shrine to Hachiman
1x Slanderer
1x Stolen Merchandise
3x Tsi Mokotsu
2x Venerable Master

1x A Stain Cleansed
4x Amazing Feat
1x Anger Management
1x At Any Cost
1x Beseiged
2x Brawl
2x Caught Unawares
3x Concentrated Fire
1x Deflection
1x Destructive Priorities
1x Detained
1x Determined Challenge
1x Dislodge the Foe
1x Dismissing the Cur
2x Dispensing Justice
3x Distractions in Court
2x Effortless Counterattack
2x Favors
1x Fearless Defense
1x Fields of Mecy
5x Fire on My Command
1x Flanked by Nightmares
2x Fury of the Dark Lord
2x Fury of a Mob
1x Grappling the Snake
2x Great Sacrifice
4x Hamstrung
3x Herioc Inspiration
2x Hidden Route
1x Hold!
4x Hunting the Daughter
1x Immovable Object
2x Impressive Resilience
2x Inexorable
2x Inexplicable Challenge
1x Insulting Gesture
6x Justly Earned Victory
3x Know the Terrain
8x Laying In Wait
3x Lead By Example
3x Learning
3x Martial Instruction
1x Martial Manipulation
1x Master the Body
3x Meeting the Keepers
1x Moving and Unmoving
2x Muscle and Steel
1x My Enemy's Mercy
2x My Life is Yours
2x Mysterious Deaths
1x Necessary Evil
1x No Pure Breaths
3x Palm Strike
4x Paths of Honor & Glory
3x Peaceful Discourse
1x Phantom Visage
4x Power of Innocence
2x Power of Strength
2x Preserving Honor
2x Pronouncement of Guilt
1x Readied Steel
2x Relentless Conviction
1x Rend the Soul
1x Requesting Reinforcements
1x Riddle of Rebirth
2x Ride the Breeze
3x Sacrifice of Pawns
1x Search for Survivors
1x Searching for Answers
2x Sentinel Spirit
2x Setting Sun Strike
2x Skipping the Puddle
1x Solid Defense
1x Song of the World
2x Sound the Retreat
3x Southern Blockade
2x Startling Attack
3x Strategic Strike
2x Strength of Will
2x Subersive Influence
1x Superior Reach
2x Swift Counterattack
1x Tales of Dishonor
2x Temporary Truce
5x The Cost of Pride
2x The Deciding Moment
1x The Empress' Address
3x The Fires of War
2x The Heir's Wrath
5x The Last One
2x The Second Feint
5x The Slow Death
2x The Trap is Sprung
1x The Weaknes of Man
2x The World Disappears
3x Thick Marsh
1x Travel Swiftly
5x Twist of Fate
2x Two Hands
1x Two Stings
2x Unexpected Arrival
1x Unexpected Intimidation
1x Unstoppable Cut
1x Unstoppable Force
1x Unstoppable Strike
1x Urgency
2x Useful Connection
1x Versitile Army
2x Virtuous Charity
1x Wall of Honor
3x Wedge
2x Wide Valley
1x Will
2x Winter Siege
1x Without Mercy
1x Wrathful Ancestor
3x Yojimbo Assemble
1x Your Clan Needs You!

1x Ashigaru Elite
1x Cavalry for Hire
3x Elite Sentry
2x Flanking Unit
1x Heavy Elite
1x Horse Archers
3x Horseback Warriors
4x Iron Gauntlet Brothers
2x Legion of Pain
1x Moonless Riders
1x Ronin Brotherhood
4x Seven Waves Mercenaries
3x Snow Riders
1x Stalking Tiger
1x Taoist Archer
1x The Crimson Mark
5x Veteran Advisor

2x Capturing the Soul
1x Consecration
2x Consumption by Fire
3x Delving Into History
3x Erosion
2x Extend the Soul's Boundaries
2x Hanabi
1x Katana of Fire
1x Mastering the Elements
3x Ochiai's Bravery
2x Scent of Dishonor
3x Summon Maseru no Oni
2x The Earth's Strength
3x Touch of the Flames
2x Unnatural Flood
2x Winds of Dismissal
3x Words of Consecration

1x Armor of the Heavens
1x Armor of the Ryu
3x Blade of Champions
1x Blade of Guile
1x Blades of the Black Dragon
1x Chain and Sword
2x Clan Standard
1x Fubatsu No-Dachi
1x Gift Armor
1x Hand of the Jade Dragon
2x Hand of the Obsidian Dragon
3x Hida War Drums
5x Hunger
4x Oni-Daikyu
1x Paneki's Mask
2x Record of Failure
1x Rising Sun Blade
2x Sasumata
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